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Sinewave Inverter


Sinewave Inverter

Who says computers are the only ones that are affected by mains failure? Computers have so encompassed our lives that we think of effects of mains failure only on computers and forget to consider the effects on humans. Well it is time when you did so! "aseem-oorja"® inverter is specially designed keeping working place in mind. After all not only computers but also people operating them should be in a condition to work.

• Silent and trouble free operation
• No smoke! No pollution!!
• Fully solid state
• No inflammable fuel required
• Short circuit protection
• Rugged, reliable and automatic
• Sine wave industrial model
• Battery protected from overcharge & over discharge

Capacity 800 VA 1.0 KVA
1.4 KVA
2.0 KVA 3.0 KVA 5.0 KVA
DC Bus 12 V 24 V 36 V 48 V 96 V

230 V AC, 1 phase

Output 230 V AC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
Regulation + 2 %
Waveform Sinusoidal
Efficiency Better than 80%
Power Factor 0.8 lagging to Utility
Metering AC Output Voltmeter ( Above 1.5 KVA )
Indications Mains ON, Mains Failed, Charger ON
Charging Three Step Current Mode Battery status monitoring type.
Protection * Overload
* Short Circuit
* Battery Low / High

Salient Features :

* No high frequency harmonics in output.
* High MTBF due to Low Component Count.
* Fully Protected against Overloads.
* Sine Wave Output : Most suitable for delicate instruments.
* Tropicalized, State of The Art Design 
* Handles Inductive Loads also.
* Designed for Long & Continuous back-up Periods.

Higher Capacity Sinewave Inverters are available on request
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