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Modular UPS

Modular UPS
The Modular UPS systems have become a necessity in the industries with continuous process and Data centers. Where even a small unscheduled break is not affordable, a modular system is a must. However two models are made available in the modular type: Power + SA and Power + model.

1. The Power + Model is a true modular system with features like HOT SWAPPABLE MODULES AND     BATTERIES. The systems are constructed using  modules of 10KVA or 25KVA as the case may be.    Each module is an Online UPS in its complete sense. Each module can work as a Stand Alone     UPS system. When stacked upon each other; they add up to make a Higher Capacity System          with complete redundancy. These systems can be designed to reach up to 500KVA.

2. The Power+ SA Model is also made up of modules of 10KVA each. However they are not Hot      Swappable and a shut-down is required for replacing the module. These systems are available      up to 80KVA.
Technical Specifications

  True Online, Double Conversion
  Modular Parallel Hot-Plugged Module, Continuous Operation
  Voltage Range
  Power Factor
  3 X 400V + N
  -20% and + 15%
  15A per for a single module, no inrush current at startup
  47 - 63 Hz
  Rated Power
  Frequency Tracking Range
  Frequency (in free-running mode)
  Slew Rate
  Static Regulation
  Regulation for Unbalanced Load
  Dynamic Response to 100% Load Step
  Load Creast Factor
  AC-AC Efficiency (nominal)
  DC-AC Efficiency (nominal)
  10KVA / 8 KW to 100KVA / 80kW
  ±1, ±2, ±3Hz (selectable)
  50/60Hz ±0.1%
  3 x 400 + N
  1% for 100% Unbalance load
  110% for 10 min.; 125% for 60 sec.; 1000% for 1 cycle
  Less than 2% for linear load
  Up to 96%
  Up to 98%
  DC-Link Voltage
  No. of Batteries
  ±340 to 425V
  64 X 12V
  Maximum Power dissipation (Po=8kw)
  Ambient Temperature
  Relative Humidity
  333W (1136 BTU) for a single module
  -100C to +400C (operating) - 200C to + 600C (storage)
  95% max non-condensing
  1500m w/o derating
  Forced - Multi - Fan with speed control
  EMC emission
  EMC Immunity
  Low Magnetic Field Radiation
  EN50091-2 Class A; IEC 62040-2
  E50091-1; IEC 62040-1-1
  EN50091-3; IEC 62040-3
  EMF as per ICNIRP
  10KVA Module (H X W X D)
  88MM (2U) X 483MM (19") X 455MM
POWER+ System (including STSW and STSW + Base modules)
Model 10KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA 70KVA 80KVA 90KVA 100KVA
Dimensions (mm) H 710 800 900 990 1080 1180 1270 1360 1460 1550
W 598
D 673
Weight (Kg) 84 99 114 129 144 159 174 189 204 219
ACOUSTIC NOISE (@1.5m from front of unit)
Noise (dBA) Half load 48 52 53 54 55 55.8 56.4 57 57.5 58
Noise (dBA) Full load 51 54 55 57 58 58.8 59.4 60 60.5 61

Modular UPS
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